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Executive Committee

  • Kenneth W. Clemens, Chairman
  • George Meschter, First Vice Chairman
  • Carl Sensenig, Second Vice Chairman
  • D. Steven Woelkers, Treasurer
  • Sharon Lynn Jones, Esq., Secretary



  • Dianne Cestrone
  • Norman J. Lepping
  • Jeffrey Ost
  • George Meschter
  • Jerome T. Potter
  • Brian Sarris
  • A. Barry Simpson
  • Matthew Seipt
  • Sean Yu

Management Team

  • William P. Brown , Jr., President & CEO
  • Randy James, Chief Finance Officer
  • Kimberly A. Krauter, Chief Operating Officer


  • Lindsey Brown, Receptionist
  • Dan Bagnell, Maintenance Staff
  • Jessica Bergan,  Admissions Coordinator, North Penn Commons & Terrace
  • Kevin Bryant, Maintenance Staff    
  • Jane Byrne, Admissions Coordinator, Derstine Run
  • Ron Coshin, Maintenance Supervisor    
  • Liz Eliff, Wellness & Service Coordinator
  • Tom Hertler, Groundskeeper 
  • Mary MacDonald, Director of Occupancy
  • Laura McLennan, Recertification Specialist
  • Kyle McKessy, Director of Organizational Development
  • George Hoffman, Advanced Living Home Care
  • Kathy Salantri, RN, Wellness & Service Coordinator
  • Cheryl Schmidt, Wellness & Service Coordinator
  • Kurt Schmidt, Maintenance Staff
  • Elsie Smith, Finance Assistant
  • Barbara Stoudt, Wellness Coordinator
  • Dick Stoudt, Transportation Director
  • Dave Wetherill, Transportation Staff

That's the Advanced Living Way of Life.

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